Who are we?

Who are we?

Nomige was founded by Dr. Barbara Geusens, who became involved in skin care, driven by scientific findings on the one hand and personal motivation on the other.

An honest brand

Empowered by the discouraging search for the right skin care products.
Inspired by the uniqueness of every person.
Driven by the scientific knowledge about skin.

Nomige founder Dr. Barbara Geusens used these elements to start her own brand. A brand that represents objective truth. A brand that is literally inspired by who you are.

"My search for the right product was never-ending, so I decided to develop my own skin care products.."
Dr. Barbara Geusens

Nomige is science inspired beauty

Nomige is based on scientific research that responds to a particular need. It all began when I was a young PhD student in a laboratory in the Department of Dermatology at UZ Gent.

Every skin is unique

I discovered the secrets of the skin and was fascinated by the genetic aspect that makes every skin unique.

The knowledge I built up helped me throughout my career, as I worked several years as a product developer and skin expert.

Today I use that combination of diverse experience to develop products that are very precisely and specifically adapted to the uniqueness of every skin.

Our values

Nomige carries out a number of values that can be found in the products and our approach.

  • A personal approach by a personal brand. Nomige is not anonymous, but is represented by Dr. Barbara Geusens. More than any other brand, Nomige cares about your personal skin care needs.


  • Nomige is innovative in her approach. It is customized, based on your DNA and lifestyle.


  • Nomige is science inspired beauty. Nomige products are the result of years of scientific research. At the same time, the brand radiates luxury & elegance, making everyday use a pleasant ritual.