Tailor-made products

Unique skin, unique care

Nomige’s approach is ground-breaking because of its personal touch. What’s good for one type of skin is not necessarily good for another. So it’s hardly surprising that a generic off-the-shelf product may not work for you.

Nomige is not interested in ‘one size fits all’. You can rest assured that you will receive the right treatment to make your skin radiant and specifically tackle signs of ageing.


Your skin profile

There are two factors that make your skin unique: your DNA and your lifestyle.
60% is genetic and 40% is due to your way of life.

Internal factors

Your DNA is your genetic code. It determines who you are and how you look. It is preprogrammed and you can’t change it.

It contains essential information about your skin and helps you understand how your skin will age and what you can do about it.

External factors

External factors, such as your lifestyle, are not preprogrammed. They are, to a certain extent, under your own control. Factors such as smoking, exposure to sunlight, stress and sleep deprivation affect your skin. The extent to which these factors adversely affect your skin aging process are also determined by your DNA.



A better result with customised products

Nomige understands better than anyone what your skin needs. We make personalised skin care products and carefully select ingredients that suit your skin.

In doing so we take into account your DNA, as well as your lifestyle. This exact approach will revitalise your skin, making it radiant and in so doing visibly reduce the signs of ageing.

Visible results

Your privacy is our priority

We handle your genetic material with the utmost care. Nomige is committed to guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We take all the necessary security measures to enable us to offer protection against loss or misuse of your information. We use procedural, physical and electronic security measures designed to prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to that information.

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