What's in the package?

The Nomige package consists of four personalised products for a complete daily routine. Two 'day' products (a cream and a serum) and two 'night' products (a cream and a serum).

Why 2 creams and 2 serums?

Your first order always consists of 4 products. After we have performed your DNA analysis, you will receive a personal package with your day serum, day cream (= Lifestyle cream), night cream and night serum. Each product focuses on specific needs that result from your DNA profile and together with the Lifestyle cream they offer a complete approach for your skin. By dividing the active ingredients over 4 products, we can make the formulas more stable. Applying them at different time points also gives your skin the chance to absorb and 'digest' the ingredients.

Individual repurchase of the products is possible. Consult your personal online Nomige account.


Day serum

30 ml

DNA Blend - Based on your DNA.

Antioxidant protection against free radicals.


  • Serum for daily use
  • Antioxidants are selected based on your genetic needs
  • To be used in combination with your day cream

Day cream

50 ml

Lifestyle Blend - Based on your lifestyle.

Protection against external stress factors that results from your lifestyle.

  • Anti-ageing moisturiser
  • With UVA and UVB filters
  • To be used in combination with your day serum


Night serum

30 ml

DNA Blend - Based on your DNA.

Intense hydration for a plumping and lifting effect.


  • Reduces fine lines around the eyes
  • Hand-picked skin identical lipids and ceramides
  • To be used in combination with your night cream

Night cream

50 ml

DNA Blend - Based on your DNA.

Collagen booster to tighten & firm your skin


  • Night cream that offers extra support
  • Peptides are selected based on your genetic needs
  • To be used in combination with your night serum

How to use?

The Nomige package consists of 2 creams and 2 serums. The creams have a rich texture to protect and hydrate the skin. The serums have a slightly lighter texture and function as supplements for the skin thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients such as peptides, phospholipids, antioxidants,...

Simultaneous use of serum and cream provides an optimal approach to prevent skin ageing.

In the morning

In the morning, clean your skin preferably with water only. Then apply a minimal amount (1/2 pump) of day serum over your entire face and neck.

Next, apply 1 (max 2) pumps of your day cream.


2 day products - 2 night products

In the evening

In the evening, after a thorough cleansing (with Nomige 2-in-1 cleanser & exfoliating tonic), use 1 or 2 drops of night cream to apply over your entire face and neck.

Then apply a minimal amount (1/2 pump) of night serum around your eyes and areas that show fine lines.


Nomige cleansing products

Nomige cleansing products consist of a 2-in-1 cleanser (a moisturising cleansing milk that can be used with or without water) and an exfoliating tonic that kindly removes dead skin cells.

These products can not be purchased separately. You can add them to your Exclusive Nomige package during the checkout process.

Your advantage

Nomige offers you;

  • Four tailor-made products
  • A complete anti-ageing treatment
  • A targeted approach to your skin concerns
  • A careful selection of the most quality ingredients

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3 easy steps to order your Nomige package


Complete the questionnaire online and do the DNA test at home


We analyse your DNA in a genetic lab and process your results in a personal report


Based on your profile, Nomige develops 4 personalised products and sends the package to your home.

The entire ordering process takes 4 weeks.

From the moment we receive your DNA sample, it takes up to 4 weeks to map your DNA profile and develop your personalised products.

You will be weekly informed by email on the status of your order.



The Exclusive Nomige package contains:

  • 1 DNA skin analysis (this is a one-off cost)
  • 4 personalised skincare products
  • 3 to 4 months of treatment


Products can be reorders individually. All prices include VAT.

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Any questions?

Nomige strives for open and honest communication. We endeavoure to provide all information on our website. However, if you still have questions about the products, the safety, the scientific background or other subjects, check the frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answers there, please contact Nomige


Meet us

You can meet Dr. Barbara Geusens during one of her exclusive masterclasses. You will be indulged in the science behind Nomige and have the opportunity to receive a private consultation. A 2-hour personal session will allow you to ask any questions and to receive all information about your DNA and your customised Nomige products.

For more information about the dates & location, please check our events page.


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