Visible results

Clinical studies

Nomige only works with actives of the best quality and at in vivo concentrations to ensure optimal results. Each product contains specific ingredients that purposefully compensate for your genetic defects.


Addition of skin-identical lipids restores the skin barrier, which allows the skin to hold up to 75% * more water.

* tested on 15 female volunteers and measured after 1 hour



Dimerised polyphenols increase the skin's antioxidant capacity to 50% **.

** tested on 20 volunteers for 1 month



The combination of tri- and tetrapeptides increases collagen production and inhibits its degradation. This results in 19.9% *** reduction in wrinkle depth, a visible reinforcing effect.

*** tested on 24 female volunteers for 2 months



Continuous investment

Nomige invests continuously in scientific research.

We are conducting a new clinical study that includes more parameters and has a longer follow-up period.

Therefore, check this website regularly for more updates.

Visible results

The pictures below show the result after 2 months application of a mixture of tri- and tetrapeptides (4% Matrixyl 3000), as contained in Nomige night cream.


Reduction in wrinkle depth

After 8 weeks there is a significant visible reduction in the number of wrinkles, as well as the depth of the wrinkles due to an increase in collagen.

Reduction in fine lines

After 8 weeks there is a visible improvement in firmness around the eyes; even the fine lines are clearly reduced.