The effect of lifestyle

Lifestyle is a broad concept we use to refer to all factors that have nothing to do with your DNA. That usually means external factors that you can control yourself, such as where you live, what you eat, what products you use. But also your hormone levels affect your skin.

The right skin type

Your lifestyle, like your genes, affects the condition of your skin. Pollution, unhealthy food, bad care products, ... these are just a few examples of external factors that determine the condition of your skin. Because these factors can change over time, it is normal for your skin to behave differently over time. One time you might suffer from acne, the other time your skin feels dry and itchy...

In order to be able to determine the right skin type, it is important to have a complete picture of your lifestyle & DNA. You can genetically have well hydrated skin, but due to using aggressive skincare products or as a result of changing seasons your skin can still feel dry.


The impact of your lifestyle

The extent to which a particular lifestyle will have an effect on your skin depends partly on your genes. 'Good genes' offer better protection against the harmful effects that can be caused by external stress factors. You can compare it to a kind of "buffer" or shield.

Those who have less good genes have defects in this "buffer". It protects less well. This makes the skin more susceptible to external stress factors which will result in accelerated skin ageing.



"Sun, smoke or pollution induce skin ageing. Good genes help protect your skin and slow down the aging process"
Barbara Geusens

Specific needs, specific products

Your lifestyle is constantly changing; think about seasonal changes, a new job, different habits or just a new phase in your life. Your skin has to adapt to these changes every time.

Nomige products offer a helping hand and support your skin before, during and after these changes. Whether you are a smoker or need extra UV protection, Nomige offers a Lifestyle cream (= day cream) tailor-made for your lifestyle.

The product for your lifestyle

Nomige has a solution for every skin problem. Do you suffer from acne, pigmentation spots, a temporary dry or oily skin? We have developed different 'Lifestyle creams' to tackle these skin concerns that are due to temporary changes or a particular lifestyle or phase.

To discover which product suits your lifestyle at this moment in time, all you have to do is fill in a questionnaire (Lifestyle test) when completing your order. You will be sent the appropriate Lifestyle cream (day cream) as part of your exclusive Nomige package.