Unique personalised skincare

Unique personalised skincare

Tailor-made according to your DNA & lifestyle

Nomige, a Belgian brand

Nomige is the first Belgian brand to offer skin care products that are completely tailored to your DNA and lifestyle.

The woman behind the brand: Dr. Barbara Geusens

Nomige was created by Barbara Geusens, Doctor in Dermatological Sciences. After years searching in vain for a suitable product for her problem skin, she decided to develop her own line of skin care products to fulfil her expectations. Her personal story, her scientific knowledge and the conviction that every skin is unique, were the driving forces behind the decision to launch Nomige.

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The endless search for the right product

There is no shortage of skincare products: at the pharmacy, the dermatologist, the wellness centre, bio shops…everywhere we look, there are products on offer promising a healthy skin. The choice is overwhelming. You start experimenting, try different brands and in the end you’re still not sure whether you are using the right product.

“Stop searching, listen to your genes”
Dr. Barbara Geusens

Your DNA as a basis

Listen to your genes…

You are unique. Your DNA determines who you are. Not only does it tell us what kind of care your skin needs, it also tells us how your skin will age. Your DNA doesn’t lie and it doesn’t change. It can serve as your objective advisor .

Nomige analyses your DNA and selects only those ingredients that your skin needs. We then create a personalised product that is perfect for you.

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…while taking into account your lifestyle

The way you live also affects your skin. Even if you’re blessed with good genes, healthy skin comes down to good and healthy living. Because one person’s skin endures more than another’s, we developed different skin creams to match your lifestyle and your specific needs.

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Your DNA is the best recipe for a beautiful skin. The science proves it.

Nomige’s personalised skin care is the result of years of research and development. This knowledge has been translated into a unique, personalised product that:

  • strengthens your skin
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • gives you a healthy and beautiful skin
  • hydrates and protects

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This is what makes Nomige different:

  • 100% personalised skincarecare
  • Based on your unique DNA and lifestyle
  • Custom products for any type of skin
  • Complete care package for daily treatment

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